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New York Puzzle Co. - Winter splendor

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“The merriest sort of number is the one marked Vogue, December 15,” the magazine noted. “It fairly sparkles with the infectious gaiety of candles and bells and stockings and all of the joyous paraphernalia of Christmas.” Capturing that holiday spirit is Helen Dryden’s cover, which depicts a smartly dressed woman happily observing through her red-curtained window the arrival, in the snow, of a gift-bearing friend. It also manages to highlight the cover girl’s baubles, which is in keeping with the magazine’s focus on “a distinct new fashion in jewellery” - one that Dryden shared. In a 1929 newspaper interview, the artist admitted to having a passion for imitation jewelry. “I simply can’t resist it. Nor can any other woman,” she declared. “It is an inherent part of femininity to adorn ourselves.” Vogue cover by Artist Helen Dryden, originally published on December 1920.

750 pcs jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle size: 49 x 68 cm

Made in USA

About New York Puzzle Company
Founded in 2007 by two college pals, New York Puzzle Company started with a simple idea of making a puzzle of the iconic NYC subway map.