Studio Belle-Soeur is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand established in 2018 by Stephanie and Emilie who are sisters-in-law. With a mutual love for the city of Paris, Studio Belle-Soeur (French for sister-in-law and pronounced bɛl.sœʁ) was founded with a desire to introduce a new fashion statement piece to women all over the world – the belle-soeur string. A uniquely crafted string of beads that complements your sunglasses or everyday glasses. 
We simply want to offer women a smart and fashionable item that not only has a functional purpose, but also works as a statement piece - a piece of unique jewellery or accessory that matches your personal style.

The product
The belle-soeur string collection is designed and handmade in Copenhagen. Each string is uniquely designed using 24Kt gold plated sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, dolomite marble, freshwater pearls and glass beads. Your Studio Belle-Soeur product is delivered to you in a fair-trade cotton bag that can hold your string forever.
Each piece in the collection is designed to match current fashion trends, but with a timeless look that will last season after season.
We hope you will love your Studio Belle-Soeur product.
Xx Stephanie & Emilie