About us

Studio Belle-Soeur (French for sister-in-law and pronounced bɛl.sœʁ) is a Copenhagen based family business established in 2018 by the sisters-in-law Stephanie Bach and Emilie Bach. The idea of Studio Belle-Soeur came from a dream of creating a product and brand together that captured our mutual passion for aesthetic design and details. The first product, the Belle-Soeur eyewear string was launched in the summer of 2019 with a desire to reinvent the eyewear string as we knew it and introduce a new fashion statement piece to women all over the world, who just like us like versatility and duality in their accessories and jewelries.

Since launching our first products, Studio Belle-Soeur has expanded steadily and sustainably to include products that capture our passion for aesthetic design and details within accessories and interior. The Studio Belle-Soeur product portfolio now consists of a number of our own Belle-Soeur products together with carefully curated products from brands we have fallen in love with - in our daily lives and on travels.

Sustainability is at the core of our business
At Studio Belle-Soeur, all products are a result of careful and conscious decisions towards making sustainable and long-lasting items.

Our business is rooted in a commitment to remain timeless across seasons, as we do not follow a seasonal cycle, but instead produce items that will last season after season. We are committed to prevent overproduction and deliberately incorporate leftover materials into new collections and products - thereby reducing the reliance on raw materials.

While acknowledging that this is a journey and that we have more work to do within the sustainability agenda, we continually consider each choice we make and are constantly striving to improve our environmental footprint, as a vital part of the development of our portfolio. 

We sincerely hope you love our products as much as we do. 

Xx Stephanie & Emilie