Eyewear strings

The Belle-Soeur string was created with a desire to reinvent the eyewear string and introduce a new fashion statement piece to women all over the world - a uniquely crafted eyewear string that complements your sunglasses and everyday glasses.

For Spring 2021, the collection of eyewear strings consists of eight different styles made of freshwater pearls, gemstones and glass beads in a combination with gold plated Sterling silver and vegan nylon cord. The new range of strings has a unique design offering multiple functionalities, while remaining committed to offering a product that stays true to our commitment of creating products based on sustainability, quality and aesthetics. 

The Belle-Soeur eyewear string is the perfect example of fashionable functionality and aesthetic sustainability, as they allow you to customize and style your eyewear, while helping you protect and hold on to them for years to come.